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Quality Legal Representation at a Reasonable Price

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Protecting Your Rights

         Before the attorneys at Affordable Law Center-Alabama, LLC begin work on a case, we strive to make sure that our clients have a thorough knowledge and understanding of their rights. All attorneys here want to ensure that the clients' rights have not been violated in any way and want to make sure no infringement is made throughout the entire representation period. We always make certain information on a client's rights is readily available to in an effort to increase the chances of seeing the desired results.  

         We ask that our clients give us the same honesty and attention to detail as our attorneys. Affordable Law Center-Alabama, LLC requires cooperation and communication on both ends. The clients' most important right is the right to quality legal representation and the reasonable price for providing it to you.


    Our attorneys possess access and the discipline to refer back to past, similar cases to gain the knowledge necessary to tackle your personal case. 

Remember, we want to gain as much knowledge on your case as possible in order to leave no doubt that there will be success. The attorneys at The Affordable Law Center- Alabama, LLC believe that preparation leads to success in court and any other legal matter. After all elements of the case are understood and we are on a level plane with you, we can then take on your case in an effective manner.  


Once we take on a case, the client is our responsibility. We work towards giving each client a reliable support system that keeps them updated, so they are never left in the dark. Our clients can depend on us to support them in any way possible to ensure success in your case. The knowledge we gain will be passed on to you in order to provide a sense of comfort during the process. This comfort and inherited knowledge will equip the client with confidence that translates in a court of law the many other legal cases our attorneys take on. 

The Affordable Law Center is geared toward earning success for each client. The attorneys here are eager to embark on a journey to success through each representation. This is why we keep the cost of representation at a reasonable price for the client.  

Our attorneys remain reliable throughout your case and take each one as an opportunity to build lasting relationships. This is why a great deal of our clients come back to us and, in turn, give Affordable Law Center-Alabama, LLC a strong, referral-based clientele.